My Site don't Index Properly. Searches Decreased [Help]


Hello Everyone,

My Site is not index properly on Google. There are 52 Posts - 3 Pages in my Blog. Yesterday i check my Posts on Google then it shows 40 Searches. Now Google Showing only 38. I noticed this from few weeks about this.

I really need Help Bros… Please @Mohammad


Harman Singh Hira
Design Devta


Anybody… Need Help!! @mybloggertricks @Mohammad


Harman can you please share screenshots…


@mybloggertricks About What? I mentioned everything…


Taken a look at your Webmaster Tools and check all your pages are being found by Google’s crawlers or not?

If not lets check out article on mbt blog, i hope it will help.


Thanks Bro… But i found a new trick to index posts in 5 second on Google. Soon share it on my Blog


Alway use white hat seo rules, please do not go for manual submission to index the urls… If url are indexed automatically by the search crawlers, then and then effective …