My blog Was Deleted and Now I created a new one


Hello Everyone,
A long time ago, i was opened a site named Open w3 where i publish many Tips and Tricks on various Topic like Blogger, Facebook, Hacking but without any reason site was deleted by Blogger with my 52+ Other Blogs. Even my Account by Deleted and banned from Blogger. Other Blogs were the Demo of my Blogger Templates and many unreleased Blogger Templates. There was almost 20k+ Unique Visitors daily. I was earned also very well from it.

But here is my new Blog Design Devta. Site is one half month old and response from readers are very good. Please take a look at my Blog and tell me what i can do more in it to increase Visitors and Earning too.

Harman Singh Hira


Hey @HarmanSinghHira I just checked your blog and its design is really good. You asked for increasing your visitors and earning. Your ad placement is also great and the spots where you’ve placed the ads are the best spots for ads. To increase your visitors, since your site is new so I think you should socialize it as much as you can and reach your audience.

  • Publish posts regularly
  • Share them on social networks and bookmarking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg, Reddit etc)
  • Join blogging communities (blogengage, kingged)
  • Publish unique and interesting posts
  • Don’t ever copy/paste someone’s hardwork

Without hardwork nothing is possible. And Best of Luck


@HarmanSinghHira your blog’s design is good just keep on posting quality content and as your blog is new I suggest you to post atleast 2-3 articles daily.Your blog will rock soon :+1:


Thanks @AmmarAli Bro,

There are almost 400k to 500k Visitors daily but i want to increase more…


Are you using some kind of black hat method to increase views ? Coz when i saw your blog i saw page view counter increasing rapidly.


I feel the traffic is unnaturally. Could you please throw some light on what and how you promote your blog? Thanks.


@HarmanSinghHira, 400k to 500k Visitors Daily is not a Natural Traffic for New Blogs. I think You are using any kind of Bots or Software to Increase the PageViews. There is actually No Visitor , Every time the Software Ping your Blog IP. Your Pageviews Increases. These types of Traffics are not counted as Natural so Stop Doing this.


Hello Everyone,

Seriously, i don’t know “What is Black Hat?”. Yes, i’m a hacker but only for Facebook. Actually, i’m also not a hacker. I just know tips and tricks to hack FB and Recover any Hacked Fb. The Page views that increased is due to Backlinks. Maybe you should know that i’m a BT Designer. Designed many popular themes for Sora Templates and for my own site too. Last year, i opened a Site named BeBloggerist.Com where i added three BTs. Site goes so popular in 2-3 Week that there were almost 500K - 700K views per day. Site is on Wordpress that’s why my hosting RAM goes FULL. I upgrade the Hosting Plan where i got 2GB of RAM but site was still down due to large number of visitors. There was no Ad in my site but i earned very good by selling premium versions of Blogger Templates. But, due to down site, premium users were facing too many problems while buying. templates like, i got payments but server didn’t sent file to them. Atlast, I closed the site in less then 1 month with 3 themes. Site’s Alexa rank was only 200k in 2 weeks, still 500k+. Because there are lots of backlink to BeBloggerist maybe that’s why i have lots of visitors on Design Devta. now redirected to Design Devta. If something else then i don’t know but i’m happy

Harman Singh Hira
Design Devta


Hi @HarmanSinghHira, Do you know the less the Alexa, the more the quality traffic you are getting. And higher the Alexa, the lower the quality traffic. Also, Alexa do not show any sites linking to you. I am totally confused about the working of your blog. :frowning:


@Rohan Dude… I am talking about Backlinks.


Yes @HarmanSinghHira, I am also talking in regard to the backlinks. For me it doesn’t appears that you have got any backlinks. Kindly check your facts or let me know which tools you use to check your backlinks. Maybe we could help you out. Thanks.


Blogs detected as Spam by Bloggers automated detection system are automatically deleted, If the content on your Blogs is your own you can appeal to Blogger to restore your Blogs, from your Dashboard under Deleted or Locked Blogs.


Hello @Rohan, Go to below link and check backlinks


Okay now I see… Those backlinks are for your previous blog and I was looking up for the new blog whose link you have shared with us. Further, since you have redirected the previous blog to the new one so that might be one of the reasons for the traffic. If the stats provided by you are true then you must not worry of getting more visitors. You are doing good. More traffic = More Earning. :wink:


Hello @Rohan, Everything is genuine in my Blog. If not then Blogger was/will delete the Blog automatically…


Hi @HarmanSinghHira, I never ever stated that something is not genuine or fake. I read all my replies three times and I don’t find any of my statements proving that your blog is based upon fake visits. It is an open forum and anyone is allowed to express their views and opinions since you have created an open topic.

You are correct! If something is wrong with your blog it will be deleted by the Blogger team as they did to your previous blog.

Thanks and you will not get to hear from me here after.

Over and out!