My blog template setting is disturbed please help me


Hy Dears, unfortunately unknowingly my template setting is disturbed. i don’t know what i have to do?. i searched alot over net but in vain. i am sure forum will help me. helpinghandsnew is my new blog. its homepage is not looking like previous, now it is showing all the posts in detail one by one. please guide me, i will be thankful for this kindness. Jzak Allah


I have uploaded its template again but in vain.


Request- I request to all Blogger Help Forum here to create a topic only if the same topic is not created yet. Today, I have seen three topics and each is related to the same blogger update issue. You can use the Search function that is presented on the top right corner of Blogger Help Forum window.

And about the problem, we are trying to find a solution for this big problem. Wait for some time until we find a solution for it. However, this problem is by Google Blogger’s Update. So, I hope blogger will fix this issue fastly.


Dear Shivansh, you r right, but i was thinking it is a unique problem and is only with me. And about the problem,It means it is not due to my fault but Google Blogger’s Update?


Yes. That’s why many bloggers got this problem in their blog.


Thanks Dear Shivansh you releases my tension 50%, 50% is still irritating me.


I was just confused that it is only happening to only my blog.


It means it is happening not only hosted blogs but also with purchased domains?


Dear, it is not related wit purchased or free domains. It is related with Blogger Server.


@pdfbooksinfo @Shivansh Yes. Its due to some error in blogger systems unrelated to domains. And according to my knowledge, this error happened to those who edited their templates html today.


[quote=“Susheel_karam, post:10, topic:2069”] @Shivansh [/quote]I think there is no more solution except changing the template.


hey @pdfbooksinfo Even if you change the template, it does not work. And by the way, have you edited your template html today?


today i edited the template by adding social icons


Hi pdfbooksinfo 1.) First of all go to the blog dashboard > Template > Edit Html 2.) Now Place the blogger read more hack code. You can get auto readmore code from your template backup file. or add from 3.) Now after placing the code Find the below code.

<b:widget id='Blog1' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'>

4.) In this replace Blog1 With Blog2 just like below.

<b:widget id='Blog2' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'>

5.) Now go and save your template. 6.) Thats it go and check your blog it should have worked. Hope this helps. May require few tries!!


Thanks Dear Rabbi, please help me in getting, finding blogger read more hack code. and where i have to place this code. I am really in a serious worry about this issue.


Now The Problem Is Solved By Google!!! Just Backup Your Template!!! :smile:


Hi pdfbooksinfo…Blogger has solved the issue. Just upload your template again. If you have any template backup file then reupload it will be good again. Thank You.

You can see the Blogger Team message from below image-


@Rabbi @Shivansh @Susheel_karam @Rabbi Thanks all of you Dears, help me in tension time, Now I uploaded template again for helpinghandsnew now every thing is fine. thanks again special thanks to Admin.