My blog /Plz review this


hi every one… please review my blog and share your views with me. Give me good decision for My blog and tell me then how to drive a lot of traffic to my website via google… because my website have no good traffic at this time… So i need your help… Thanks …


Good Site :thumbsup: and good template :thumbsup: but try to add more beautiful navbar and add links like- Home, Contact Us, Privacy Policy In Navbar. But Your Site Is GOOD :ok_hand:


Well, your loading speed is good. But I think, you have to make your writing skills better than present. Rest are nice. :smiley:


Hi @naveedghaazi, Good to see you want a review for your blog. As the reviewers might consider spending a lot of time at your blog to check it out and provide you some useful tips. The least expected from you - are the questions based upon which you want the review to be conducted.

Quoting Mustafa sir here:

I look forward to receive your questions upon which I can provide you some tips and help.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


I love your site design; it is clean and simple. You should take a look to your content writing.