My Blog is not Getting Pageviews Since this Month


my blog has 1 year olb.also have domain and posted more than 2000 posts.alexa rank and visitors fluctuating.can you check once my blog sitiation

last one mont i got 500 visitors per day but suddenly downed to 50


@rajesh9492 Can you please provide your blog URL?


Welcome to the Blogger Help Forum @rajesh9492.

I think, your blog is punished by Google’s Mobilegeddon or Phantom Algorithm. This may be because your blogger blog is not Mobile Friendly or Contain Spammy Posts in Good Percent.

You Can Read:

:link: First Steps To Recovering From Google’s Mobilegeddon

Please Try to include your blog’s link while posting any questions on the forum. It will help us to serve you better.

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-Shivansh Verma