My Blog Have Indexing problem, need help to fix it


hello, friend my blog name is “” and I am new on blogger. I was changed many time my blogger template to make my blog attractive/SEO-friendly/less error friendly blog. now I have 55+ post and 5+ page there. my blog is near 5 +month old. when I was new there issue if i post any article, my blog index quickly [like 8-12 hours, it’s taken] on google & bing.

My previous template has some kind of mobile surfing issue that’s why I have changed it. When I 1st input that one I got a good result it take 5-6 hr to index. Works on mobile were good enough!

but I have there some kind of problem[my blog recent post images are not showing on my blog] AdSense ad installation problem post are and any others.

then I have changed it to my previous one. : grin: that’s not working my visitor getting reduce. I leave that one and change with previous. The result is my site not index my post [almost 3-4 days past] I am use ping service, but it was not working. “Fetch URL” process I was known, but I want to google/bing automatically index my post quickly. which seo setup/ robotics setup / what i have to do fo good result?

please tell me, admin/ friend, what I have to do for good result. now days my visitor & revenue goes decreases. please help me in that case.