My blog getting traffic from a spam bot Did it harm my blog?


Hello @Mohammad @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC @Shivansh @samurai Yesterday, when I checked my Google Analytics Stats, I observed that about 60% of traffic coming from a domain

So I am just worried that getting traffic from this spam bot may hurt my real traffic?

Why Iam getting traffic from this?

Is this the reason for my blog not getting any traffic? If yes how can i get rid of it?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Do you create any backlinks in this site?


@Tech_Shout_Me No, I didn’t. When I checked this domain it just redirected to


Sometimes it happens, but don’t worry if you want to make sure that your site feeling spam so check it HERE. If you got SAFE green mark, so it means that your site is SAFE and not suffered from any Algorithm or spam link.


Hello @Susheel_karam This is a common problem which is faced by many blogger infact me!. One day my site page views increased 2500 immediately! then i contacted google and they said that this traffic is spam it will not harm any thing of your blog and adsense also. So No Need To Worry Be Happy :smile:


@Susheel_karam It is not a problem and you don’t need to care about them … Just continue making new post’s … Traffic may be down some days … Don’t just care about it