My adsense earning is not increasing


HI great mind here,i have issue with my adsense account,previously i used to see increase in my adsense earning,but just of a sudden the earning stop increasing,and my earning stand still.Have you experience such? what could be the course. My second question is that how can google search console have more index page than the number of post in my blog.i have 150 post on my blog,but google search console show a record of 260 index. Thanks


In reply to your first question I will suggest you to check this post to know how to increase your Adsense earnings.

How to Increase My Adsense Earnings?

And now coming to your second question. The reason Google Search Console may show record of more than actual 150 pages is because your blog might not have a valid Robots.txt file or you haven’t setted up the Custom Robots Header Tags Correctly which has resulted in the Google Bot indexing the Label, Archive and Search Pages of your Blog.

This affects your Blog’s SEO badly. So In order to rectify the problem follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Blogger > Settings >Search Preferences

  • Under crawling and indexing you will find Custom Robots Header Tags. Click Edit and enable Custom Header Tags.

  • Change the settings according to the pic given below

  • Click Save Changes.

  • Now Edit Custom Robots.txt and Click Enable Robots.txt

  • Copy the below and place it in the box and Save Changes.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


I hope it helps!


Hassan thanks so much for your reply,it is done as you explained


Keep Asking Questions @ayomite I will try my best to help you.


Hi hassan how can i solve the following mobile friendly problem.i have tried several solution i found on google,but non seems to work

Clickable elements too close together

Viewport not set to "device-width"

Text too small to read

Content wider than screen


Kindly ask this question in a new post. I will try my best to solve it. and also try to explain your problem in more detail.

With which tool you got following errors. And if you can post a screenshot then it would be even better.


Hi @Hassan hope you can help me. the post-preview on my blog doesn’t work. When I want to preview my article, It show me the main page and not the article page.


Kindly ask this question in a new topic and try to explain your problems as much as you can. Please tell me if your blog is hosted on blogger. And what post editor are you using?


Adsense earning depends upon several factors like article topic, adunits, cpc and ctr. You should keep testing to find best performing adunit. I am sharing a screenshot that shows how a blog earning increased 6 times just by changing adunits and placement. I am unable to upload screenshot as I am new to this forum. You must test responsive link adunits because ctr is very high for link adunit. Choose article topic after keywords research in google keyword planner. It will help you to increase cpc. The page views of my two posts are same but income from first article is five time more. Hope it will help you.