Multiple comment System: Blogger + Disqus


I would like to have multiple comment system like the magone theme. if anyone of you know how to add disqus comment along with blogger native comments. this is already implemented in magone theme. check magone demo. if anyone can help me it will be great. currently, i have only blogger comments in my site


Using multiple comment system on a single blog might look cool or fancy but it will harm both your site’s load time, User interface, bounce rate and blog SEO.

With a single comment system you provide your users with a single platform to read/write feedback/queries. The user does not need to switch between two commenting systems to read the comments and interpret them easily.

If you still want to add the tabbed commenting system on your blog then you can read the following tutorial which helps you add Facebook + Blogger Combo comment system. You can paste disqus code instead of facebook there.

:link: Add Facebook + Blogger Tabbed Commenting


@Mohammad bro how to get recommended posts in disqus comment box??


@Mohammad I don’t agree that adding two commenting systems will increase bounce rate because if you are using blogger commenting system option wisely then at a time only one will be activated i.i Disqus


you can add multiple comments system in your blog like

  1. Facebook comment box
  2. Disqus
  3. SpotIm
  4. Google Plus…

so, jsut tell me whose comment system you want to show?


Thank you, As per your suggestion , i will stick to one comment system.