Migrating Blogger to a Paid Hosting Platform


First of all thanks to MBT for starting this wonderful help forum for bloggers.

I am writing health articles in Hindi on my blog which is hosted freely on blogger.com

I am in little dilemma on whether to migrate my blog to a paid platform or not. Right now, I am getting daily 2000 to 2500 page views and 400 to 500 visitors on my blog. I want to know does Google search query results give preference to websites which are hosted on paid hosting platform.

If yes, I will like to migrate to bluehost. Can anyone please share with me on how to migrate to bluehost and use wordpress to blog without losing any link, feedburner subscriber, link, post etc.

I am little new to blogging and will like to learn from all of you.

Thanks in advance to all. Happy blogging.


@Nirogikaya 2000 or 2500 page views is not an enough traffic , First of all make lot of traffic from your Blogger blog and after getting enough traffic move your site to Wordpress or any other platform you like . Moving site from Wordpress or any other platform will not make you get traffic instantly to your blog . Try to understand and thing yourself want to move or not .


You are always welcomed to ask any question dear @Nirogikaya :innocent:

First and foremost I am strictly against the idea that you need a self hosted CMS system to blog like wordpress. I have written a detailed post below that will answer most of your questions

:link: 7 Reasons Why never Migrate from Blogger to Wordpress

MBT is hosted at blogger and it performs better than all of my other wordpress sites. Blogger gives you an extra advantage of traffic from the blogger blogs directory and also the advantage that the service is hosted by the biggest Search provider Google itself. After the Panda and Penguin penalty, I have seen a massive traffic decline on blogs hosted at wordpress but again I would not blame the platform for it but the content.

You can continue to choose blogger as long as you have a custom domain at least and you take care of the Blog’s SEO. Publish rich quality content and stuff specific to your nice. Blogger is the best platform for a Micro Niche blog and it is a total waste of time migrating to other platforms.

Also read this thread for further clarification


Thanks Muhsin for your reply and advice.


Thanks Admin for your reply and advice. Will surely work first on writing quality articles and build traffic.