Migrated to Https from http! Site Stats Going Down


Hello Brothers! I have a little problem! I have migrated my site from http to HTTPS, now i am facing a big problem! My site stats are now going down! And this is happening with all the sites of mine which i have migrated to HTTPS! Can anyone tell me where i am going wrong! This will be of great help to me! Please!

My Site is : www.informationlord.com

Please help me out guys!


Yes Bro This Also Happened To Me :sunny: ! This is because google panda algorithm don’t allow duplicate content but when we turn on the https our content gets on two blogs one http version and other https one as stated by @Mohammad in this post .

Therefore to get our traffic back turn off the https now and wait for some time for blogger team to fix these basic issues :smiley:


@ngtechzone, his blog is not on Blogger. It is not WordPress.


Oh Sorry :sunny: Then his blog traffic is getting low as he may have switched to https recently and google may take time to re-index the https version :smiley:


I don’t think because http is redirecting to https correctly. So, if he was getting traffic from Google, then his traffic should not go down.


I think, this is because he is not posting regularly. He is posting new posts in the interval 10+ days. Probably, his traffic is going down because of this.


Yep ! This May Be The Reason For Traffic Going Down :smile:


Thank U Shivansh Now i will be regular with the same! hope that will get me back to my track! :smile:


Whenever you change anything on URL, then obviously it’s effect on traffic.

I have look many problems on Google Official Help Forum for blogger, most of times, user said, I am using custom domain for my site from last week, and I see, I was drop major traffic from search. It is because it’s take sometime to migrate properly. It’s take some time to properly pass your reputation to another site.

And Ya, there is small bugs on blogger HTTPS, you need to wait for proper solution for duplicate issue and redirection.


@Arjunsinh_Chauhan, he hasn’t changed his blog from a domain to another, but he has brought SSL, and his blog is on WordPress, not Blogger.

@somesh Welcome Somesh. Happy to help you. :smile:


@Shivansh Answer is still correct :smiley:

Whenever you change anything on URL, it will always affect on organic traffic. because it’s take some time to migrate your reputation from one webpage to another. It’s include these type of URL like.

www.example.blogspot.com to www.example.com

http://example.com to www.example.com (In case if you forgot to redirect and using naked domain for permanent)

http://www.example.com to https://www.example.com

So, the answer is, It’s take some time to migrate your reputation to another. And Have look on this