Meta Tags Not Showing Properly in Blogger



@Mohammad I am new to blogging that is why i am asking some silly questions is that ok? My question now is that i used MBT’s Meta Tag Generator to generate Meta Tags but when i inserted them only Meta Description shows Up and Meta Keywords are not showing up they show up in homepage but when i Open up a Post the space where it should be is white: Take a look in the screenshot. This is an Example Post 1 As u can see when i open post it is blank but when i open only the homepage it shows there. Thank you very much for your help.


Hmm @alex_khan, I checked and your keyword tag is not showing in both, Homepage and Post page. Can you Paste your all meta tags here that you put on your blogger template?


Hi, Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: and help.

    <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Free Download Cool Software and Games" />
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="free, download, software, games , for windows, PC, FilesMAG" />
<META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Alex Khan" />
<META NAME="Robots" CONTENT="All" />


Ok. Now, Replace all this code with this one:

<meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' itemprop='description'/>
<META CONTENT='free, download, software, games , for windows, PC, FilesMAG' NAME='keywords'/>
<META CONTENT='index,follow' NAME='robot'/>
<META CONTENT='Copyright 2015 Files Mag. All Rights Reserved.' NAME='copyright'/>
<META CONTENT='Alex Khan' NAME='author'/>

After Doing this, Save template. Now, Go to Blogger Dashboard > Setting > Search Preference and Now, Look for Meta tags section and click on edit. Here, write your Description and save it.


Remove all these meta tags because you don’t need them now and instead add the dynamic meta description inside your template which is the only meta tag you need to add to your blog.

Read: Add Dynamic Meta Description in custom Templates


I am seeing the Copyright Tag what is this because it is the first time i am seeing this code? Will this get me a google penalty or will it keep me safe from one?


Copyright Meta Tag is fully safe and Even I am using this tag for 2 years. :smile:

Can You tell me why I give you a dangerous code? I am your Helper not Enemy :wink:

You can see here- I am also using this meta tag.


:smiley: I did not mean that as i mentioned above I’m a newbie in blogging so have to ask :slight_smile: Thank you very much for the help guys I really Appreciate it.


Welcome! Did it worked for you @alex_khan?


Yes :slight_smile: It Worked Thank you very much for your help.


Yah! I am happy that I helped you. :smile: If you will again got any problem, just post in forum. We will surely solve your prob. :wink: Because we are Happy 2 Help!