Meta description not showing in google search result


I have configured meta description on my blog, and posts. In page sources meta description are showing, but in google search result my post’s meta description not showing. Instead of meta description first 150 words of post is showing. I checked in some SEO checking tools like SEOquake they are showing meta description. but don’t know why google not showing. :confused:

here is screenshot of source code :- https://
here is screenshot of SEOQuake result :- https://
here is screenshot of Google search result :- https://

this is my blog URL : http:// www.

Please help me ASAP … :smile:

remove spaces from links, cause i m new to this forum and its not allowing me to insert URL


It’s working perfect for me. I would might be due to your browsers cache. Delete cache and see again.


can u post screenshot of google search ???


Here is the screenshot:


no… i m not talking about homepage.

i m talking about search result. try to search “Lone theme port for Zenfone 5 Stock lollipop v2” in google.

my will be on top. but meta tags are not which i have set manually. its first 150 words from post.


and i figured out that only my first two posts behaving like this. rest of all are fine.

and here is one more problem. when i try to share link of that first 2 posts on facebook its showing “404 error” on link title. but link is working fine.

see this https://


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