Merging two templates, help me in merging


Friends, I am merging two blogger templates, i am having too much problem in merging them.could you all pls help me in merging them.

  1. How to change 2nd blog’s header and footer just like 1st template ???
  2. How To hide latest post from home page or if not hide then how to show all post (including from 2nd) posts on home page or 1st website.???
  3. How to host 2nd site on sub domain??
  4. Anybody help me in setting search engine that search entire website.


This needs a Higher Requirement of knowledge in HTML and CSS mainly Javascript. This is because some of the parts are co-associated with the HTML and JS Parts. For example you can easily copy CSS and paste the html over there now If u have pasted for popular post so The First template’s Popular post’s Image script would not match to the second one’s.

For Script Eg:- .

<script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
$(document).ready(function() {
  // change the dimension variable below to be the pixel size you want
  var dimension = 100;
  // this identifies the PopularPosts1 div element, finds each image in it, and resizes it
  $('#PopularPosts1').find('img').each(function(n, image){
    var image = $(image);
    image.attr({src : image.attr('src').replace(/s\B\d{2,4}/,'s' + dimension)});

Here you can see it finds the id #popular posts id’s img (<img>) and replaces that with the given attributes.

So like this for every element you have to search for scripts and they might be obfuscated so that will again be hard so you will have to work on this for a week or so to completely mix this templates. Recently @Shivansh Mixed up three templates into one so he can help you in more detail.

Also please provide the url of both templates and explain me what and with whom you want to exchange with. You can search on the forum for Setting up a subdomain on blogger :sweat:

Be sure to ask more if you need any help.


@Nafees Thanks bro for writing on my topic.

@Shivansh bro i need your help in merging two templates.


I am building a website on Education & Jobs Niche.

For that, I am using templateism’s Charity template & Jobs Template.

Charity is my homepage and jobs is a subdomain for only jobs and result section.


@studyoye, merging of two templates is a easy work for the person who knows only some things about HTML. It’s a kind of fun.

Just select a widget or the area code. Copy it another template, then look for its classes and copy the CSS too!


I disagree with you as some of the html elements are associated with the JS so this causes dis-functionalities,Also Javascript is not that easy mahn


In this case, @studyoye, you can tell us which widget you want to mix in which template then we would tell you that what codes you should move.


@Shivansh Bro i am using templateism’s charity template as my home page or as my parent site.


for jobs i am going to use templateism’s jobs template.

Here are the demo of the two’s Charity & Jobs


You have to tell us that what the problem came when you were mixing a particular thing or widget.