Ads implementation problem



I am unable to insert ads in the template under the post headings.

it gives an error when I save the template.

Error parsing XML, line 2643, column 121: The reference to entity “https” must end with the ‘;’ delimiter.

like shown in the picture.


please help me


Hello MSD. kindly use an Ads converter and convert the code to HTML before putting it on your Blogger Template.


@MSD open this tool -

Now paste your ad code inside the tool and convert. After that paste converted code on your template.


Hi, I am using media. net ads on my blogger blog and its working fine.

Here are steps to add media. net ads on your blog :arrow_down:

:black_circle:Create a unit from media. net :black_circle:Copy the ad code :black_circle:log in to your blogger dashboard :black_circle:Go to layout :black_circle:Select "html and javascript" :black_circle:Paste the ad code :black_circle:DONE, ENJOY YOUR EARNINGS :blush: