MBT Mobile Menu Is Getting Wider Than The Screen


Hi Guys.

Some days ago, I have posted a review-post about my new template and now, I made it live on my official blog but stuck up with a small responsiveness issue.

Yesterday, when I opened my blog, I got that the MBT Mobile Menu is getting wider than screen. You can see the screenshot:


Where? No screenshot @shivansh :neutral_face:


Sorry. Re-check it. This is not happening in responsiveness checking sites but on real android screen. Why? Please check if it is appearing like that on yours also @nafees.


No its not happening :wink: Its all good :grinning:


Really? So why in mine?.. :sob:

Is this mobile with my Android or screensize?


what is the screen ratio of your phone??


I don’t know height but width is 375px and I checked for this size on responsinator and it is not showing that issue but chrome is showing and Internet browser also. :frowning:


Don’t, Never use this type of tools to check some widgets responsiveness only use to check of someparts, the reason behind it is that some widgets are fuctioned to work different on mobile browsers and mobiles.

Resposinator or any other tools is not a virtual machine / Simulator it just resizes the iframe of the website.