MBT Android App is Finally Available at Google Play store!


This is our first advanced Mobile Android App for a Blogging CMS that is a structural demo of Google blogs at present. Its framework supports all Wordpress, Joomla, Typepad and blogspots CMS software. It incorporates several libraries, APIs/SDKS to give a lighter and more professional touch to your reading experience. It’s surely not just a mbt specific APP but a framework to support all blogging platforms. It is surely the first advanced demonstration of an Android App for a Blogspot blog.

Content / Videos / eBooks - All at one place!

Took us around a month to build it Alhamdulillah. Please download it on your Android Phones and Tablets and review it at playstore with your honest feedback.

Worked entire day on it along with buddy Ramesh to debug its errors during APK release and installing libraries for PDF and video support.

I am really expecting your sincere feedback at Playstore buddies. Do share your love and help us with your honest feedback so that we may keep developing better apps and tools in future. :innocent:

:link: :iphone: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mbt.mybloggertricks



Can there also be a iOS app? I use iOS and would like a MBT IOS app.


Our next phase of development includes compatibility with iOS and Windows Phones. Since Android uses Java and iOS uses Objective C. We will need to reconstruct a new code for other devices. We have this request in our queue for sure now :innocent:


Yay. Do you have a idea of when the iOS app will be released?


App development is a hectic job, takes around a month to develop it. I am not sure when will we develop it because we are currently gathering user’s feedback on this android app. Once we have fixed all its bug in beta version, we will launch it for other platforms as well


Okay. Can’t wait till the iOS app is released.


wow… that’s great dear Mustafa bro :slight_smile: thanks


You are a Computer Engineer so as you said that this is written in Java, So you will convert Java into Objective C?


Of course we would. This app is currently in beta once we meet all requirements and make sure no bug occurs we will create compatible versions for Windows Phone and iOS as well. iOS uses Objective C.


glad you liked it buddy. do let us know if you would recommend some changes to it :innocent:


Hi Mustafa, I am so much impressed with the App. Very cool! :sunglasses:


Kindly do update your star ratings now we have fixed some of the bugs and we are releasing a new updated version to show full posts with links and images :smile:


Hi @Mohammad , First of all i really loved MBT and this forum. You are my online teacher.

I would like to suggest some features for MBT android app,

  1. The articles downloaded once should be readable when there is no data connection. (saves life while travelling and reading concurrently).

  2. If users keep scrolling down to the last post you made in say 2008, the all the articles will be downloaded to offline storage as suggested in feature 1, then there should be search button from which we can search all the post content to find something we want.

  3. (Optional Feature, Users can comment on post from app)

To get idea of what i want exactly i would suggest you an app which have similar functions,

Search Google for “Jagoinvestor” , and download their android app. (Note: look and feel of MBT app is better so don’t change the look of our app.)

After implementation of these features, MBT will be encyclopedia for bloggers !!!


Hi @Ashish_Patel,

Thank you a bunch for your insights and useful feedback and this is what that we value a lot!

  1. As per the download, for that we will need a separate storage and this could slow down the server at responding. However I will share it with my developers and we will think over it if it can be done. Great idea btw!
  2. Queued! Noted!
  3. That is coming in our next update. Users will be able to click links and comment as well.
  4. Jagoinvestor is build on wordpress and it is quite easy to build apps for Wordpress because you have full access to the database at server side. When it comes to blogspot blogs, developers have no access to the database, as a result we can’t do much in blogger. This was the maximum functions that we could apply using the JSON feeds.

Thanks a bunch for you kind support. :innocent:


Bro can I create my own android app of my blog, like you… If yes then how???


Java/JDK Java developing kit or SDK :grimacing: (character limit)


of course you can just learn JAVA for android. These days I am sharing some programming basics of JavaScript and sharing tutorials to parse JSON in javaScript. First follow these tutorials after which JAVA would be far more easy for you. :innocent:


But my teacher told me that java and javascript both are different they have no relation?


He is right! Java and JavaScript are completely different in their algorithms. What I meant was the logic of programming which is same for all languages no matter which. What is different is the syntax. In simple terms a programming language is just a communication system just like people speak different languages around the world to communicate with each other. We all express the same thing in similar way but in different languages.

I wrote this paragraph in english, you can translate it in Hindi or urdu with exact same meaning. So the essence/logic is same but syntax/expression is different. Hope it is cleared now :grinning: