Make Blogger Label URL or Permalink Like WordPress


I am using this trick to make my all label like wordpress and seo friendly. Like my label is Make Money Online. But uppercase word is not seo friendly in my opinion. In blogger it will show /search/label/Make%20Money%20Online. This url is not seo friendly. So i write label name like make-money-online now it will show /search/label/make-money-online which is like wordpress and seo friendly. I am using this trick to all my blog. Please share your valuable opinion about this tricks :slight_smile:

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@Mohammad bro please tell me is there any negative effect to use this trick. I am very excited to hear your opinion :slight_smile:


Hi @tunerrazu. The trick you’re using is good, but I think that Google indexes label pages very less in its search engine. But yes, URL plays an important role for ranking of any page in search engines.

Hope This Helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @Nitishk for your reply :slight_smile:


Please can you share the trick Thanks how to make the blogger Labe like wordpress


@akorstayblessed i already did. Write your label name in small letter and use - for spaces like. /search/label/samsung for single name and for longer name use - like /search/label/samsung-news


You can easily remove archieve links from google Indexing . It will be good than you dont need to focus on Label Links .

Just add custom robot Header Tag to the labels.

Hope that helps


just i want to know that in wordpress they are using category sitemap for easy ranking so i want to know is it possible in blogger platform.


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while i was checking my site on google search i can’t find it all… my site name is Nigeria Happenings. It is a News site. before when i search it use to come on top and now it is not there at all in any page. if i search my url, it only gave me three results from my old post., i have enable find me on search in blog setting… have checked in webwaster tools there is no errors. whats much be the reason? please help me. my site Link is … Please i’m waiting for your replys