Looking To Hire An Expert In Blogger For Customization & Bug Fixes



If this violate this forum rules I apologizes in advance.

I’m looking for a developer who understand in blogger to help me from time to time with some customization and some bug fixing.

If someone here is interesting in this kind of job, please contact me in privet…

Thank you


Bro I May Help You But For Free As This Forum Is Made To Help Bloggers , Not To Give Them a Job Therefore Next Time Try To Ask Directly Your Question And I’m Damn Sure Someone Will come To Help You :smiley:

So Please Tell Us Your Problem So We May Solve It :wink:


Reply might be same as given @ngtechzone we are here to help blogger not to earn money


You can post your most complex problems here there are lots of experts who are going to help you. We donot help to earn money we are here to help people which gives us happiness. you can post your problems in a new topic. I request the admin to remove this topic :wink:


Hi Guys,

First of all, Tx for your kind words and for the good spirits you are having. I know that you are helping alot for free of charge here and I am also getting help here from time to time.

But, There is sometimes more complex stuff or specific blog that needs more attention from a developer and need his time to work it out. And there is some limit for helping in forum.

Or, sometime I need something bigger like for example convert a wordpress template to blogger that I can’t ask here in the forum.

Thats why I still need someone professional in blogger that can work specifically with me from time to time in my projects.

I know that there is services like freelancer.com and site like that, But I thought that here I can find the really pros in blooger and not just a general developer.

So, If it’s OK with the admin, I still want this post to stay and if there is somebody professional here that intrested with that, I will be glad to hear from him in privet.

And don’t worry, I will still keep asking here questions…:smile: TX