Looking For a Niche Market - Struggling to Decide


Hey all! So, I am having an inner debate and cannot seem to decide on a niche. I have had a hard time with the keyword research, I use cheap tools…but basically I have two ideas.

Fitness: The plan would be to target safe exercise, I did go to school for this and many…like over 80% of injuries can easily be preventing by having a healthy active life. Many websites I have come across don’t offer training advice that ensures viewers are safely exercising…so this is how the idea came about.

Most people don’t know if they have any muscle imbalances or if they are performing exercises wrong, so I would have o be creative promoting this but I think it will be beneficial for many people.

Business: This would be tailored to college dropouts or people who never went to college, entrepreneurship is on the rise and so is the popularity of some work at home jobs. I would like the opportunity to help those people who did not get a degree.

This would lean toward online businesses (not just blogging but a number of home/internet based businesses), however; I would also like to include articles here and there for brick and mortar entrepreneurs. I also went to business school and actually found that street smarts were more helpful than school.

I am really struggling to decide, what do you think? And, which site would you be more interested in yourself?

Thanks for checking out this topic!