Little help designing my blog please


Hello. I would appreciate any help in one question. I removed my pagelist and replaced with code (images+links) to move between pages. I would looooove this image line to be over the main area edges (as wrapped around the body of blog). But i cant make it. My blog now: and would love to have design like this:

Thank you for help (read the whole 3 days but couldn’t get it done by myself :frowning: )


Can you explain it in more detail, I couldn’t get the line which you are talking about :neutral_face:


Menu (pink ribbon thing). Sorry, my english isn’t good. :flushed:


No worry :sweat_smile: So what you want to do with that menu?


Make it wider, even wider than white background (where the posts are, one with brown frame).


Probably that widget consists images as most of the part of your web log is graphically designed. So you have to change it with some image editing tool like gimp/PS/Corel draw etc. It has nothing related to codes


Yes, these links are attached to images but now when i add more parts to ribbon it breaks ribbon up to two parts and makes new row below current one (still inside body area in blog). I need these images to reach over the brown body frame. As this blog has wider menubar .


okay make your image’s wrapper width bigger and let me see how we can arrange the menu images :wink: