Links working in blog but not in linked domain


Links don’t work on the linked website domain name here but do work on the same page on the Blogger version here: on this page i.e. The Manor of Hallow/ Manor park Please help if you can.


Can’t get you. Can you describe your problem again?


The blog is maintained in Blogger and all links work. We link to our domain name where the links don’t work. The domain name looks OK when accessed on the web but those links just return a blank page


Tell me ? Did you setup your new domain to work with your blogger account? double check the settings. if the settings are ok then wait for the settings to take place . i can take upto 48 hours to switch blogger blog to new domain name.


Your domain is working perfecting . Just enable 303 permenent redirection to your new domain name. i hope it helps .


We set up the blog sometime agao and it has been working perfectly with the linked domain name. How do I set up or check “enable 303 permenent redirection to your new domain name”

Thanks for your reply


@muffinn can I access your template? I mean can you send your template via PM?


Thanks for the response. What is PM? How do I do this?


@muffinn Just sent you a PM (Private Message). :slight_smile: