Links To My Site Dropped Immediately


I had about 5500+ links to may site some days ago, then it reduced to about 1700+ all links from and some other social sites and today there is only 2 links as you can see in the screenshot may i know what is the reason behind it?


share your URL so we can give you more accurate reason :blush:


I am not allowed to share url because i am a new user here.


@assibhai write your blog url in notepad and snip it using snipping tool and send :smile:


just type your domain with spacing or share it without link


I guess you can share your link following this fashion: www[dot]blogname[dot]com OR blogname[dot]com.


no @Rohan. He Can’t post links in this fashion. A Member of Help Forum tried this method and someone flagged that all posts. So I think he should not post links in this manner.

@assibhai, Help some bloggers here and get earned Basic Badge and then post it. :smile:


Hey! I got it! your site url is Right?


@Shivansh, I don’t think there is any harm in pasting the link in the broken way as I suggested. I have been sharing it in the same way from day 1. I wonder why would someone flag it provided it was done for self promotion purposes. Thanks.


Yes it is the actual url i am talking about.


I was also thinking this. But now, I found the url by just typing the words in that picture in Google :smile:


What words you type in google? Would you please elaborate how did you find my site?


I Think You will know all trick by using above image.


Your website have almost 60 backlinks. You can view a list of your backlinks with going on: