Less number of posts displaying on home page [SOLVED]



My blog contains 16 posts. But the problem is that only 4 posts are appearing on the home page even when in the settings I set for 15. I tried for other numbers greater then 4 but it didn’t work in those cases also.

My blog url is www.namanboard.com please help asap! Thanks in advance.


Remove your rocket scroll which might work for you


I’m using that from past 1 month. Problem showed up yesterday only.


Do You Edited Your Template Or Please Tell Me What Exactly You Did After The Problem Arise :smiley:


I published my latest post and added related post widget. I tried removing related post widget but the problem didn’t solve.


Then You Should Contact The Template Developer About It :smiley:

And Try To Remove Every Bit Of Code Of Related Posts Widget And See If It Works , And I Think there were some bugs in blogger recently and that’s why the problem is coming :smiley:


Remove your latest post. 100% solved your problem


no still only 9 posts appear. even after I set the number of post to 15.


Just add “Read More” tag in your first 6 posts after 1 paragraph. You will see 15 posts on your Homepage.


Okay can you guide me how to do that. …


He means jump break.

He may get sewed.

@NamanKumar Bro is this problem still appearing?

I cant figure out why, see for a javascript in your template Which may control the appearing of posts.

Quite strange because the blogger post editor is really helpful in this matters.

And props to you, You’ve used amazing images and good use of css. :slight_smile:


Blogger has a limit of 1MB per page, if your post has many images, the index pages will exceed the limit and Blogger will display fewer posts to compensate. Make sure you add a manual jump break (Read more) after the first image of each post.


Thanks @Pixie @GKVish @Nafees @Esobondhu_com @Nitishk @flyraed for all your efforts. The jump break helped. I put it after the first passage of my every post. Now its working fine. I hope you enjoyed being at my blog.

After so many years I didn’t know about what @Pixie explained. Thanks!

Keep in touch all of you.