Kindly Review My New Template!


Hi! How are you friends? I hope you’re all fine!

Do you know? These days, I am creating a template. Its my first template which I have created from starting. So, It is 80% completed. Only adding jquery advanced functions and some widgets are rest to be added.

So please give your review about:

  1. Design
  2. First Impression
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Inside-post Widgets Design (Blockquote, UL, OL…)
  5. If found, please mention any bug.

Demo URL: Blogger Guiders V 3



Design: Great, though font looks classic First impression: This guy is only 13 year old and still a did great job on making his 1st template, I am totally impressed

I will check your template on my phone later on and let you know more but so far so great mate, might end up using your template one day :smiley:


really smooth, i like how scrolling feels and the texts look great as well


As it is you know my thought on your design. I love the footer absolutely! It’s just very eye catchy.

Design is done by heart. what your heart feels good design it that way although you should always remember the user/reader’s perspective or his/her view.

And how do to that you know it better! :slight_smile:


@Nafees, thanks for these nice suggestions but I like the way it is this time. Actually, I will add links like - About, Privacy Policy, Contact…Facebook Page URL, Twitter and Google+'s. So, I think that the primary menu bar should be at the top.

Instead of making the secondary bar, I have added MBT Boxes which is not on MBT now with proper credits on comment and, I am also going to add this jquery plugin to do the work of that secondary menu bar. It will be fixed so, whenever user will scroll down/up to page, it will stay fixed and, users will be able to click on it anytime. Can you or anyone suggest a place for it? :kissing:

jQuery Meny I am going to add: Android Like jQuery Menu | Responsive Menu

What about template’s responiveness?

Thank you very much @Alberts and @Zeeman_Memon!


Hey @Shivansh Firstly Hope You’r Good :smile:

Now About The Template-

1- Template Design Good :thumbsup:

2- Navbar’s Not So Good :thumbsdown:

3- Responsiveness Good But Needs More Work On Media Queries Especially On The Upper Navbar. :satisfied:

4- Inside Post Widgets Very Good :thumbsup:

5- Bug Found :thumbsdown:

The Main Bug Which I Found Was That When I Resize The Window The Uppper Navbar Collided Wth The Font Awesome Buttons So Use Media Queries To Fix It And Leaving It The Template Is Good :smile:

Hope You Like This Review :smile:


@ngtechzone, firstly, thanks for giving the review. But, just to inform you, this is not the way of seeing a template’s responsiveness. Their are some breakpoints in which you have to customize your templates. The breakpoints are already mentioned by Mohammad:

/* -----------Responsive Styles Cheat Sheet by MBT -----------------*/
@media only screen and (max-width:320px) {

@media only screen and (max-width:380px) {

/*-----iPhone 2G, 3G, 4, 4S ----------*/
@media only screen and (max-width:480px) {

/*-----iPhone 5,6 ----------*/
@media only screen and (max-width:568px) {

/*-----iPad, Tablet, Kindle, Nexus ----------*/
@media only screen and (max-width:768px) {

You can resize your browser in these sizes and tell me if their is any responsiveness issue. If you will see, then your no. 3 and 5 will get clear.

And, what’s wrong in Navbar? Please tell more about it. How can I make it good? Any suggestions?


Here is a review of your blog’s design by Me

Design: The blog’s design looks good overall. But try changing the fonts in the menus. Add an icon in read more button. And i didn’t liked the labels widget and ol style, use the ol style like the one you used in your previous blog design.

First Impression: The design impressed me a lot, specially the social sharing widget.

Responsiveness: Awesomely Responsive

That’s All from Hassan Tahir


Okay so lemme give you a review ( a proper one) Because now its final!

Template total rating:- :star2::star2::star2::star2:

Pros :-

  1. Good code highligher
  2. Good on hover transitions and image captions
  3. Fully responsive but the sidebar has some troubles when on screens like 1024px screens
  4. The floating share widget is awesome
  5. the footer is absolutely amazing
  6. Responsive menu from MBT

Cons :-

  1. You have used shadows to much
  2. the font appears hard to read when in small size
  3. The readmore is still not proper formed
  4. American typewriter font not visible in entry-content (home page)
  5. Search bar’s search button doesn’t work we have to press enter to make it work

Just per my perspective the margin-left in sec nav is not good it should be

.ori { margin-left: 0px;}

Thats all!!


@Nafees, I think you are talking about the view which you had seen yesterday. I have replaced American Typewriter font with another font which is also pretty good and read more button is now proper formatted, even I checked it using latest version of Firefox which you use to browse.

I have not optimized template for 1024px screen size but I would optimize it soon.

I have used shadow in two places- Title, Sidebar H2. So do you think it is much? :kissing:

Yes. I am thinking to move that button add left size with smaller width and on placeholder, I will write ‘Press Enter To Search’.

I saw the CSS you provided but there should be some space between ori(s).

I saw it on my Android but it was good to read. Can you please provide screenshot? So, I will get to know from which screensize you are seeing the template.


yes wait for some moments :loudspeaker: :white_flower:


see this the text its appearing so distorted and the image also

See the menu of your template


See this amount of shadows you have used.It matters to me only :stuck_out_tongue: its your blog stylize it as you want


wait I will give you a screenshot of macbook’s view in some time as it has no charging :sweat:


really impressive. but some things have to adjust . make some templates for blogspot too :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, Your template’s design is nice but it’s responsiveness needs some more adjustment. I appreciate you on your work. You did nice modification in the template. Now, you should try to develop complete template from beginning. :wink:


@PriRabi, the template is for Blogspot only. And thanks!

@saadwasil, I have not modified it dear. I have created it from beginning.

@Hassan, thanks for your suggestions. For now, I have replaced that style with previous one but I am thinking to create a new UL OL style. :smile:


and what about readmore? still same brother :flushed:


What are you saying :sob: