Kindly Review My New Blog and Suggest Improvements


Hey Guys, Today I am here and I need your review and first impression about my new blog - 'Windows Guider’. Before this blog, I had created ‘Blogger Guiders’ which was about Blogger Tips & Tricks. But now, this blog is about Windows tips and tricks and the updates made so far. I have created these two blogs because some blogger say that multi topic blogs grow slowly.

I am using windows live writer to write professional posts, all images are compressed and having both, alt and title attributes. I have installed redirection script that will redirect .in to .com. Kindly give your review on these categories:

  • Design
  • Redirecting .in to .com is SEO Friendly or Not?
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Writing Skills
  • Any Other Things you wanna say.

Thanks In Advance. :smile:


Hi @Shivansh, You have been changing your blogs too frequently are you sure this one is going to stay for long?


I have not changed any of my blog. But just create another one. Blogger Guider is still live.


What is this? If you want someone to review your blog then simply create a new topic and write it in your language.


@pdfbooksinfo, If possible please delete your post and create a new review post. Thanks.


nice blog but you have to focus on Posting after that i can say about your blog because i have seen there is no attractive information about windows so best of luck after some time i will tell you and about other things it looks good


Yes I know Tairq_aziz. Now, My blog is new. But so far, I will post many unique and quality articles on my blog and that time, you will able to give me a nice review of my blog. :smile:


Dear RohanNinja I don’t know how to create a new post?


Dear Shivansh I don’t know how to create a new post?


Firstly javed, you can write that two replies in one like:

Dear @Rohan, @Shivansh I don’t know how to create a post?

And secondly, to create a post, just click on ‘+New Topic’ button on hompage (as shown in picture). Now, fill the title field and the description of your problem or the things you want.

-Shivansh Verma Skv


I would Like you To decrease Your Post Summary…And Your Post-Henry Size is Too Much Big .It looks Ugly… You Don`t have any Posts Links in Landing page… You Have Subscribe Box There Remove That …You Can review about Your Site at


Hey @Shivansh I have a look at your blog every other thing fine and working, just one thing seemed me bad which was that the blog-pager next and previous buttons are shown multiply 1st below post and 2nd at the bottom of content wrapper. It would be more better if you keep only one.

Hassan Tahir


Thanks Dear Shivansh Verma this snap really help me, now i can fully engage in this forum. thanks again