Keyword research through keyword planner


Salam, i was just doing the keyword stuff and didnot understand the competition column in the keyword planner.

I want a keyword that have more searches with low competition. But since a simple Football News is showing a low competition in it, it means that that competition is not for this purpose, it is for the advertisers.

So where can i check the competitions.



Just type the Keyword which you like to use on your blog on Google Search Engine .
If the Search Result show . "Search Result Related to What You Searched " . Then you can use those keywords for your blog .

All those keywords have better “Search Traffic” . Sometimes any of those keyword’s have less amount of competitors . Try to use those keyword . It will make you get lot of traffic easily .

How To Use Google AdWords To Find Keywords?

You are right the competition zone should not be area of interest for publishers because it simply shows the number of advertisers bidding on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google

How To use Keyword Planner

  1. First and foremost set your target countries, select countries where you can hope to receive traffic, in your case you must pick South Asian countries and add USA always to search zone.

  2. Set your Search settings to

  • Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups
  • Your area of interest should only be Average Monthly searches which shows the average number of times people have searched for this exact keyword based on the date range and targeting settings that you’ve selected.
  1. Always use multiple combination of keywords to pick the best amongst them using one with highest search volume. For example you may be confused what keywords people time for calling Football, it may Soccer in USA but called Football in Pakistan or india. Same goes for USB drive in India and Flash Disk in USA

Hope this info helps you make the best use of keyword tool which is now more Advertiser oriented and renamed as Keyword planner