Jumbo share counter not working on Chrome


I think there is a problem with the script of the jumbo share counter because in my chrome browser the vertical floating chare bar doesn’t appear. Beside, the horizontal one appears but the counters are empty.

I see the problem in every blogs with that jumbo share box. The bug appears in MBT too.

Is there a fix for this?



i am also facing the same problem. No any update from @Mohammad bro. Hope he will resolve it soon.


seems noone is using this widget because no answers… :confused:


Is this blogger forum dead? No one is answering the post not the admin is interested on it.


I would like to ask a question that no one seems to be asking on this forum.

When we read MBT blog posts, we see that in the left sidebar, there is a floating widget that have a word count and read time.

I would like to know how to implement this on my blogger hosted blog (I also have a custom domain). Wordpress blogs do come with a plugin available for this.

@Mohammad bro please share the secrets with us. Thanks for your effort to create a blogger platform community.