Its Obligatory on all Members to keep the forum Clean


Important Notice

In order to make sure this Forum grows and may become a source of great knowledge for new bloggers, it is mandatory that we abide by the Forum rules and norms which are strict and obligatory on all new and existing members (including trust level 2 and trust level 3).

Just recently I observed a user violating the post Character count restriction of 280 characters and he even mentioned in 5 of his threads that he is adding unnecessary words just to fulfill the word count restriction. Despite knowing that the user is clearly violating the Forum rules, many users responded the questioner.

We have deleted all those topics and will continue deleting any topic where a user can not spare a minute to explain his question honestly and rather choose to spam the system. Such act is both harmful to the SEO of this forum and its decorum which we have set.

All rules set on this forum is meant to keep this community alive and clean from Spam and Google penalties. Therefore I request all to respect the Content writing restrictions and help us as much as possible in this regard to keep this “Social Welfare Project” alive.

Users who fail to abide by these rules will be permanently suspended and users with Trust levels 2 and 3 will be pushed back to basic level.

Note: Due to a recent launch of our Head Office, I am heavily engaged and humbly apologize for not being active in replying. I am trying to respond as soon as I get time. I will be active again in a few days.

Thank you



Surely, We have to follow and respect the rules and regulations of the forum as its a Necessary Duty of a Member of this forum.

The forum is obviously free and on the top its ad free which is the biggest add on any help forum can give. This Forum Quickly Provides Free help to member who are in trouble.

After all this forum is giving all these helpful things at no cost and no returns So we Can’t follow some Rules and Regulations?

I surely 100% support @Mohammad Bhai’s Point and I will try to never dis-abide any of the rules and I Request and hope the same from other users :heart:


Thank you @Nafees for cooperating and for sharing your precious feedback. You surely explained it further and made it easy for us to narrate the message more clearly. Thank you buddy :clap:


ok dear i will follow inshallah nowdays i just read the problems and learn from others and inshallah one day i will also help others