It is possible to change the blogspot page url as described below


I want to change the description of the page url: SEARCH


So that my homepage appear like this:

Home | Blog | About | Contact

Has anyone done this?

Ps - The HOME would look like static.

Pss - Sorry if I sound confused.


Simply No! can’t give a better answer :pensive:


You can actually do it but this needs a lot of brain work but no you can’t customize the url


Bro For This You Need To Host Your Blog On Any Hosting Service And Then Simply Making Subdomain With the Blog. This Is What I Have Done To Make A Blog Of My Services Site :smile:

For Example-

My Site URL-


And The Blog URL-


Hope You Understand Now :smiley:


Did you try 301 redirection on blogger. Maybe bby this way you can fix your problem