Is using incoming search terms at the end of the posts recommended?


Hi dude in many blogs i have noticed this term "Incoming search terms" as showen in below image…

can i use Incoming search terms with 3-5 keywords in my blog ?


I want to know whether it is good to use or not…

will it cause any penalty from Google?..

@Mohammad and other pro bloggers please give some suggestions…


If you use the WordPress plugin SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 for the purpose of displaying incoming search terms and search phrases, it is highly likely that Google is going to see this as keyword stuffing. In other words, you are placing multiple, similar keyword phrases on your page for no obvious purpose other than trying to trick the search engines into liking your posts.

SEO is changing. Experts will tell you that it was always about good original content. But there used to be ways to encourage search engines to add relevance to your posts even if your content wasn’t that good. These ‘loopholes’ are being closed. Search engines are becoming smarter and are better able to recognise "good original content. And they are learning to ignore and even penalise what they see as attempts to trick them.

It may have its uses in the admin panel to let you know what people are searching for.

I hope it will help you alot.


It’s SPAM. Keyword stuffing I guess :confused:


You should not use this technique as you will get penalize in no-time. Google cracked down on this technique almost year back, and not recommended at any cost.


thanks dude… i got it … i will be using keywords in headings …