Is there any way to remove "?m=1" from Blogger? [Solved]


If yes. Can you please guide me? I want it because many posts from my blog is being indexed in 2 formats. First as original and second with “?m=1” parameter. I think this also impacts on my blog ranking. I hope you have an solid idea about how to properly and permanently remove it from all the pages, posts, etc.

Why low traffic after about one year of Blog


What i get from your query is that, you want to remove all links having ?m=1 at end from google SERP Pages.

So i will anwser one by one

  1. Check your Template whether it has <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/> tag in it. If not, then it has <link expr:href='data:blog.url' rel='canonical'/>. If either of these tags not available in template, then add second one immediately.

  2. Either you can remove these pages manually from google SERP via Google Webmaster Tools.


Hi friend, thanks for the reply but it is now too late. Because I am seeing a long drop in my analytics. As you said that I have to remove those added string pages. I have already.

and there is already a code as first one.

by the way, i have to ask you a new question that is there any way or any code which can automatically remove that parameter from the mobile version of my blog? ex: i don’t want to be people see that parameter if they visits from their mobile or tablet.

I hope only you can give me your advice because you are the first person who has replied to one of my question.



The Specific answer to your query is that it is possible to hide these links from mobile users.

How ???

Using JavaScript, But it is little complicated.

My Advice - Do not use JavaScript to hide these links from Users. Because, if you use JS technique then you will be in big trouble, because google may consider it is as unnecessary redirection for pages and your SERP position will drop.

Best Strategy -

  1. Disable Mobile Template
  2. Convert Your Template to be responsive.
  3. Use Canonical Link in your Template. It will handle all such concerns.
  4. Upload Blogger Sitemap.
  5. Remove ?m=1 or ?m=0 from Google SERP.
  6. Allows google to redirect mobile readers to ?m=1 URL. Do not put extra efforts to stop this redirection.** Not That this will not harm your Blog SEO.
  7. Remember :smile: This is the ERA of Mobile Surfing.



Okay thanks friend, I liked your recommendations and strategy. So I am going to do as you recommended and will don’t think again to remove that string for mobile users as per your advice. Because, I am already in trouble and can’t handle it more. LOL…

But can I use robots.txt file to overcome it and make my blog running like before?



If you use robots.txt to disallow ?m=1 URL then, It will not help you. Because it blocks bots to crawl these page only. After few days, You will receive a message in your inbox from google that your blog has major health issue. Afterwards, you have to remove it from robots.txt file.

Block Mobile variant of page via robots.txt file will cause problem to your original URL.

Best Strategy - Use Default Robots.txt File. Even the MBT uses. you can check it yourself.


Ohhhh, so what to do now? Can I use WMT parameter to stop it being indexed?



You may include following Meta tags in template for noindex Mobile Pages.

<b:if cond='data:blog.isMobile'>
<meta content='noindex,follow' name='robots'/>

Never use GWT Url Parameters to exclude anything from SERP pages.



Okay thanks bro for providing such codes. But can you please tell me, If I add it to my blog then it will noindex everything from the mobile search, right? And then I will be not able to get mobile organic traffic?



Okay thanks bro for providing such codes. But can you please tell me, If I add it to my blog then it will noindex everything from the mobile search, right? And then I will be not able to get mobile organic traffic?

This code will tell search bots that mobile variant of your blog pages will not be got indexed by them after crawling. But any other links within article should be followed.

For Example - If “URL OF ANY POST WITHOUT ?m=1” is indexed by Search Engines. Then other variants with ?m=1 should not be indexed in search engine.

If you use this code, what will happen is that if your post URL is indexed in SE, then your Post URL without ?m=1 shown to users and if they click on it from their mobile, they will redirect to URL with ?m=1. Which means that your original URL always prevails over any other variant.

If you still have doubt, Let the Senior Member of this forum to guide you.


Robin Singh


oh thanks bro for a such explanation about it. but can you please tell me where to add it? as I am not much well in HTML, so?



Glad to see you asking again.

Find code looking like this in your template

<meta charset='utf-8'/>
<meta content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1' name='viewport'/>
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Then, place above code just after it.


Robin Singh


Ohh, thanks for that. I will not disturb you again.



No buddy, if you are here, you have right to disturb us.

Happy to help you,

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Okay… As you said not to block that parameter in robots.txt and wmt parameter but can I block search pages like /search/ /search? In robots.txt. is there any cons of using it.

And second one how to block archive pages? Sorry if disturbed, LOL…



Well, /search parameter is not giving any trouble after using it in robots.txt, because google officially used it. But about /search? parameter, i am not sure. Since, this parameter is used by blogs having numbered page navigation or JavaScript to fetch post data based on labels.

Let the @Mohammad or @Nitishk or any senior member come here and helps you.

Since, I am not using it. Hence i am not able judge it correctly.


Robin Singh


Look @purushottamkmq Google’s Blogger Is Well Optimized For SEO And Other Search Engine Ranking Factors.

There is no major disadvantage in removing the ?m=1 GET method.

This is a technique which blogger uses to specify a mobile device and a desktop so if you by chance removed this ?m=1 get url then your blog’s mobile version may not work properly due to not presence of the mobile url tag , therefore i suggest you to not remove this thing as it will not affect your rankings .

Hope You Understand And Good Luck :smile:


To remove ?m=1 fom blogger Url so here are many trick on How to remove ?m=1 From blogger Url.