Is there any possibility to kill blogger by Google in future?


I am planning to start 2 blogs and will host on blogger. However, everyone recommend to take self-hosting and use WordPress. But, I have seen many top ranking blogs run on blogger and hosted at Google including Mohammad’s blog []. Guys what should i do in this regard? go for WordPress or host at Google through blogger? I am in a dilemma. Please do let me share your expert advice for long run benefits.



I am using both the platforms for over 5 years and I am excitingly more comfortable at blogger than I am at wordpress when it comes to blogging for reasons I explained on this post[quote=“Mohammad, post:13, topic:475”] But wait?

Why do you wish to migrate to wordpress? Just because people say it is great! I have been using both the platforms since years and here is what I have to say about such myths based on personal experience:

7 reasons why you should never migrate to Wordpress

Never follow people who are making a living from a single source or have in-depth knowledge of a single platform only, consult people who are equally happy on both platforms and know both platforms well enough. [/quote]

Traffic to blogs depend solely on your Content and never the platform. Blogger and Wordpress are equally optimized and deserves no upper-hand except in one case that Blogger blogs are listed in Google Blog directory and receive an extra traffic from there. So at blogger you will get this benefit.

I use Wordpress only to develop ecommerce sites for my clients but as far as blogs are concerned, blogger offers everything that a blogger needs. There is no need to waste precious hours of coding and money on WP.


I have also used wordpress for some weeks for as admin. But I don’t like wordpress. It is too hard for newbie and blogger give best and free features like html editor which wordpress not give in free version and also, we can download thousand of template for free by just search blogger template in google! and also, upload it on our blogspot blogs for free. But in wordpress, to edit, upload custom templates, you need to waste your money. Their are tones of features of blogger that wordpress don’t have. So I recommend Blogger to you and no, their is no possibility to kill blogger by Google in future.


For a beginner, Blogger’s blog is best. If you want to take a drive on WordPress then Read This.

In my opinion, WordPress is easy, when we talk about customization and automation. Everything is quite easy through Plugins. But you have to invest lot of money for it.


But why we invest lots of money? When Blogger is proving all of them for free.


You are right @Shivansh. If you are paying, that means you’ll get lot of benefits from it, that’s why all the best blogs of world hosted on WordPress. Both are good in their category.


@whattechsays, Not say all best blogs of world because the best blog, MBT is hosted on blogger. :smile:


Thanks everyone for your great suggestions. However, my concern is whether Google will kill Blogger in future as they recently killed Google Reader! Thanks lot again.


That may not be happen, if case they may start a premium blogging with a minimal charges for new accounts in future (as Google apps free for existing accounts)

But as of now there is no way to kill as there are thousands of best ranking blogs are running on Blogger Platform and not possible to kill.

There are many adsense accounts mainly depends on Blogger, and all gonna give large income to google.

so i Can say never Google stop


Well saying @Shivansh :clap: I’m a true fan of MBT and WP is just a waste of time for new bloggers


hmm. I also think this. For a newbie, blogger is best because it is easy to operate and have all features. :smile: