Is There any OptinMonster Widget for Blogger (Even Alternative)


Hello Friends. I was recently researching for wordpress tutorials and on every wordpress resource site, I saw a pop-up widget of OptinMonster. So I would like to know that can I add a OptinMonster Widget in Blogger? [ sites like and are having it ] . If yes then please can anyone give me the code for it or any tutorial link for “How to add an OptinMonster Widget in blogger” Or are there any alternatives for OptinMonster (for blogger)

Need Help from @Mohammad @Shivansh

Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:

Site of OptinMonster :


I thing the best alternative of optinmoster for blogger is GetSiteControl because it offers all features for free like Subscribe Box pop-up when user exits or when user reach the page or when user reach at the end of the page. You should check [GetSiteControl][1].

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Hi there @Abdullah ,

As @Shivansh mentioned , GetSiteControl is one amazing tool that provides a set of popular website widgets .Moreover, GetSiteControl widgets are highly responsive and offers full control over your widgets. I’m currently using it on my blog too.

Well, you can even use OptinMonster on your blog. I’d used it on my blog about an year ago but many of my readers complained on it as it wasn’t responsive. However, it looks perfect in the desktop view.

I tried putting the code here but the code automatically comes into effect and looks messed up as it’s quite long. Therefore , I’ve uploaded it in Google drive and you can copy the code from here.

Just copy the code and paste it above </ body> and make sure you replace my feedburner link and make desirable changes.

*BTW, I’ve not cloned this. I found this on a blog quite long back but now , it’s not available there.


A few weeks before Mustafa was talking about creating a shortcode for optinmonster-like pop-up for blogger.


Thanks @Shivansh and @souravsudhi for helping. And specially thanks to @Shivansh for giving me an alternative (Getsitecontrol :stuck_out_tongue:) and @Shivansh Sorry bro! but I will not mention these things again :slight_smile: Thanks Everyone!


Thanks for understanding @Abdullah. :smile:

I am happy that you got your answer.


As said by @Shivansh getsitecontrol is best for you . I have used it and it is very light and fully responsive! so i recommend you to use it. :smile:


Hello @Abdullah Hello Bar is also an good alternative of Optin monster you should try it :smile:


Thanks Everyone :slight_smile: @Shivansh @ngtechzone @souravsudhi


No worries :slight_smile: Between, did the OptinMonster work ?


@souravsudhi I just used GetSiteControl - because It is responsive and has much features like OptinMonster