Is there any need to add Google analytics code after changing the template


When we create a new blog, we add codes of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and some other things like that in our blogger template. Two days ago, I have changed my blogger template and now I want to know that should I add these codes again in my blogger template. In my first template, I had added all these things.


Hello @saadwasil you don’t need to add the webmasters tools code as that code is just for verification also you can add google analytics code directly in you blog by going to Blog Setting >> Other >> Google Analytics And Put your Code There. But For other sites you may have to put the code again.

Hope You Understand It Now :smile: And Good Luck :smile:


Please tell me about other website like webmaster tools too! If you don’t know then I want to get answer from @Mohammad


yes it is mandatory that you keep all such meta tags used for verification purposes intact and they should not be removed. If in case they are removed, the service may doubt the ownership of that site and it can ask you to revalidate your site if you wanted to make some changes to your account settings.

Webmasters tools often rechecks the validity of your site using that meta tag and if it is removed, Any sitemap resubmit requests or off-page optimization settings you make could be ignored.


Webmaster Verifies Automatically If You are Admin and .It is not necessary to add Code… Even Google Analytic Code can Be added from Setting > Others…

Even If you change your templates it Wont Afftect