Is there any Difference in Google Ranking for Blogger and Wordpress?


I just want to ask, Is there any difference in Blogger and Wordpress Platform Regarding SEO. Because I read on many forums that Google does not allow Blogger for Unnatural promotion of Blog that are created on Blogger.


@GKVish I don’t think so that there is any difference in Google Ranking for Blogger and Wordpress regarding seo.


i think it is all about Seo Setting and Original content


Thanks @AmmarAli and @Tariq_aziz . But as We know there are lot of Plugins for Everything in Wordpress. But We lack to implement all those in Blogger.


No They are equally equal in rankings. All depends upon content quality and backlinks.


Blogger is already well optimised for SEO and does not need much promotion, all you have to do is to set up the headers tags properly and regularly submit sitemaps in Webmasters tools.

Which is the best platform for SEO - Blogger or Wordpress?

Thank You @Karan_Singh_Chauhan and @Sujata for Your Help.


I also agree with @Sujata answer… Blogger is well optimized than wordpress.