Is there a signup widget for blogger blogs that


…diaplays a pdf document for people to download when they subscribe?

One that gives people something cool, a reason to sign up to your blog. There’s just so many of those for WP but im yet to find one for blogger blogs

Something close to this:

Need one for my blog


Bro For This You Need An Email Marketing Service Like Mailchimp,Aweber etc. You Can Try Mail Chimp For Free :smile:


im using mailchimp right now but i was looking for something that displays on my blog like a banner or somethin


@ngtechzone by the way, does the free version of mailchimp allow us to send pdf after subscription?


Yes You can send for free but there are some limits which you can read on their forum :wink: BTW do you want this type of widget or want to learn how to auto-respond?


how about both, i’d love to have this widget and auto respond