Is Removing Default Widget Bundle CSS Affect SEO?


Hello Guys. Today, I was just browsing on internet (as I always :stuck_out_tongue:) and I found a post published by Rishabh Jain (founder of Hacking University). In that post, he told about how to remove default widget bundle CSS from blogger blogs. Here’s the link of that post:

:link: Remove Default Widget Bundle CSS from Blogger Blogs

So, I just wanted to know that after removing that scripts, will it effect our SEO? will it give any chances of any Traffic Boom? and the important one- will Google or blogger punish us if we remove that two scripts? and the last question- how much it effect our blog and please tell the advantages & disadvantages of removing these scripts.

Yes. I asked six question together. But I know you can answer them. :grin:

I asked this question because I saw Hacking University’s Loading Speed and got amazed because now it is loading too fast and I looked on source, they removed that two scripts.

Thanks In Advance :smile:


The default stylesheets by blogger is the skin of your blog layout. How would you look like if someone rips your skin out of your body? :innocent:

Removing those styles will mess up your entire widget appearance on different browsers. Your blog widgets which includes your blog posts will look broken and out of alignment. So such tricks make no sense and is highly not recommended.

The reason why hack university sites loads fast because there is almost no thumbnail image on any of his post on homepage and neither is he using any widgets. It’s a blog which uses almost no widgets except 3 on sidebar


But Mohammad, Hacking University also removed that two scripts and I have not seen any messed up thing in their template.