Is preventing ccTLD healthy for SEO?


Hello everyone,

I read @Renata topic- “How to prevent redirecting into [Prevent ccTLD]”. I too wanted to prevent ccTLD on my blog, so I also used the script posted by @mybloggertricks on the topic, which is given below:

Somebody told me that this script affets SEO very badly. So I just wanna ask you all, is this script healthy for SEO?

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i am in Class Seo In nursery i really Don’t know about this so how can say yes or no i wish you will get your answer soon best of luck


@NamanKumar In the post you have quoted to, @Mohammad sir has stated clearly that you can use this script so may be it’ll not affect the SEO of any blog and the best of best advice given is that you should buy a TLDN to get rid of all the worries :smiley:


@Rohan @Templatezy @Shivansh @shoutersclub Please advice me if you the answer.