Is OverSharing Post Leads To Penalty?


I would call all the pro geeks, SEO consultants especially @Mohammad for my query.

Question is Further Sub-Divided into two Parts.

1: Is over-sharing post on Facebook, Googleplus, Stumplupon, twitter and manywhere will leads to any penalty ?. Can we share the blog posts as many time on related Facebook Groups, and other social networks.

2: Can we advertise site on facebook. Is Adverting Blog/Site on Facebook, or others blogs will hurt SEO of the site ? Because the banners you setup on other site will only remain for 30 days. So is this will effect the SEO.

I hope, we will get the perfect answer of asked query.


NO OverSharing didn’t lead to any Google penalty, but posting blog posts to many facebook groups again and again will flag you as an spammy act.

Also Facebook Advertising is good for you if you want paid traffic. It last till you continuously paying to facebook but I recommend organic traffic.


I would agree to @Karan_Singh_Chauhan, he answered it well.

  1. Oversharing through social media networks or SMO teams is surely harmful to both your social account and the site itself. Facebook has a smart algorithm that scans the database for URLS which are posted over and over again thus leading to spam and black listing of either URL or the account responsible for postings. Never follow what web marketers do because they never target long term goals and they keep changing their accounts and Domains unlike bloggers who have a single source of publishing content. Keep your site’s reputation up and follow natural tactics only. Publish quality but unique content and traffic will come by itself

  2. Yes sure you can advertise your site anywhere you like because Banner ads or contextual ads are often tagged as nofollow and never effects the publisher and sponsor in terms of SEO. It is a wise practise. It will effect you only if the links point directly to the site or page with no nofollow attribute


Thanks bundles @Mohammad

I did’nt catch the words here,

It will effect you only if the links point directly to the site or page with no nofollow attribute

by no nofollow You mean normal links, if the links pointing to site with attribute Dofollow links. Then it would effect site SEO.?


I meant if the the href parameter of the Ad has a rel="nofollow" attribute present than it is a SEO friendly approach and will not effect your site’s SERPs

Ads which don’t have the above attribute will surely effect your blog’s rank


Thanks for clearing the point, i got it.