Is it Still Possible to Earn a Good Living Online


Hello Everyone, Is it still possible to earn a good living online. I am asking this question because after reading lots of posts. 50% people say that in today’s date it’s not possible to earn a living online and the other say that it’s possible to earn to living online. I don’t know who is right and who is wrong. What you guys think about it, is it still possible because competition is increasing day by day.


I have also the same question @zohaibliaqat. Need some experts to clarify the answer.


assalam o alaikum it is possible but what is the correct and best way for earning money online it is very difficult to find

from blogging you must expert in Seo javascript html and alot of other things and you have sharp mind and technique

i dont know much time i spend for learning this things but now i give up and before doing something you should confirm it is real or fake and i am not expert just saying my feeling because i wasted my time and i wish you both best of luck


It is possible , Most of the bloggers where just changing their costumes and life-styles after getting huge money . But instep of doing that , Just utilize the money for improving the blog with some advanced facilities that people would love . Also add some co-bloggers to write blog post’s . That also will help you to improve you blog also the money and you can earn money for living your livelihood .


Hi @zohaibliaqat, I loved the question you asked. And I might not be the best person to answer this as I am not a money blogger - I don’t blog or offer any of my services for money. :slight_smile:

But still there are pro bloggers out there earning much for their living. And also a lot of them earn good tho they can’t make a living out of it.

Yes you are right, the competition is increasing as people have started thinking that blogging can make them rich in a few months. I am sure that will require a lot of hard work. And that is why so many quit it just in a month or two.

~ Rohan.