Is it possible to know if my site can still rank?


So I have a domain (blog about technology) that I have been using for almost 3 years now. On the first year, it did really good. One day we hit almost 100K visitors. But then Google update hit us and so I decided to messed around with the contents and now the website ended up with only a few posts left.

How can I check if my website can still rank on search engines and can my site recover quickly.


Hello @hawonnguyen135 May You Please Give Me Your Blog Url So That I Can Check It :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for your generosity. What will be your method of checking?


Firstly I Will Check Your Posts Quality Then Template Design And Then SEO Errors And Then Help You To Remove Them :smile:


Can you send me a direct message?



@hawonnguyen135 Feel free to share your url’s over here as there are not one but many experts in forum who can help you far more better so you can not DM them everytime :wink: