Is it possible to create Amazon based niche site with blogger?


My next plan is to build Amazon based niche site and monetize through promoting products of Amazon. Therefore, I would like to know your kind suggestions and advises regarding site design through blogger platform. Is it good decision to build Amazon based niche site through blogger? I see several example site that uses WordPress rather than blogger. Due to frequent vulnerability issues with WordPress I would like to go for each of my future project with blogger. I am seeking sincere suggestions in this regard.

Many Thanks.



I am hearing this for the first time. Would you mind describing it what “Amazon based niche” exactly means? Are you talking about those Ads?

I look forward to hear from you.

~ Rohan.


It is product review website actually. See the example here bestpocketknifetoday[dot] com and apennyshaved[dot]com

These are Amazon product review site. I would also like to build similar but different segment through blogger platform. Should I go with blogger platform for preparing such kind of review site @Rohan ?



Looks like he wants an ecommerce site on blogger which is not actually possible due to technical limitations.


I certainly agree to @sasikareti. @ahmeddcc159 You can have a site on Blogger reviewing the amazon products or any other products. The sites you mentioned are doing somewhat the same. You can send out links to them and earn from Ads and affiliates. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan.


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