Is it Possible To Create a Word Filter For Blocking Blogger comments?


I wish Blogger would add more options for moderation for its comments platform… Like adding filters for specific words, etc… I know there are ways to cut the spam comments via moderation of selected or all comments, adding captcha, etc, but even doing all that has not stopped spammers from posting spam comments on the site frequently… If anyone know of any other tricks to enhance moderation, than what is clearly visible and available in regular blogger comment settings, please do share… Especially where we can set word filters for their commenting platform…


Hi @PrashanthSarda, Yes, having a word filter would surely fight spam well. Presently there is no feature similar to this provided by the Blogger.

What you can do is use third-party commenting system like Disqus. I am personally using it and it does allow to filter certain words and provides advanced moderation tools which Blogger does not.

Hope that will help you!

~ Rohan.


Use IntenseDebate commenting system and Activate the Commentluv plugin It will help in many ways


What a pleasant surprise to find you here @PrashanthSarda! :smile:

Dear commenting systems have still a long way to go in order to combat Spam completely. And when it come’s to Blogger’s commenting system, it is the worst amongst All. I have sent several reports to Blogger team complaining about their poor Spam protection system but the bigger you get the harder it becomes to respond to customer queries.

Disqus is surely a good choice when it comes to moderating comments on an auto-pilot mode. But when it comes to word filter, it is really impossible for any comment system to block it because there are several ways to type a word. I can write word as “Word” or “w0rd” or “\v/rD” or even "W0r|)" It is really impossible to stop spam by simply filtering common vulgar words, unless you moderate manually and this is what I do on all my sites. I can no more rely on any plugin or tool for differentiating between a spam and a comment.

However you can use JavaScript to create a filter that will replace Vulgar strings with ***** Symbols. If you want that, then I can share it with you but again how many combinations can you type inside the array variable for a single word? It is time consuming and makes less sense.

Spammers find and invent new ways to abuse a system and the only good way to stop them is to do the moderation manually rather setting it on auto-pilot mode.