Is it ok to overuse heading tags?


I’ve recently published a blog post and it contains 1 H1 tag(blog title) and 12 H2 tags, most which are unnecassary and was wondering would that affect my SEO? If so, how to get rid of them? Im using blogger.

Blog’s name is Thetic Blog Post is How to hide Apps on Android Smartphone These are the results( only 2 are useful H2 tags):

How to Hide Apps on Android Smartphone

Thetic Blog

How to hide Apps on Android Smartphone using Nova Launcher

How to hide Apps on Android Smartphone using File Hide Expert

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Author : Zee

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You are using Blogger.

Blogger Default Configuration to Headings is as follows.

Blog Title - H1Post Title & Widget Title - H2H3 To H6 are not used by blogger for Default configuration.

Note - This configuration has some issues for SEO because it uses H2 for Post title on All Pages.

Best Strategy for Using headings in Blogger Template & Post.

In template,

  1. On Index Pages, Assign H1 to Blog Title, Assign H2 to Blog Post Titles and H3 to All Widgets Titles.
  2. On Post Pages, Assign H1 to Post Title, Assign H2 to Blog Title and H3 to all widgets Titles.

In Post,

  1. You have Already Assigned H1 to Post Title.
  2. Use H2 & H3, H4 for declaring Other Headings, Subheadings and sub-subheadings.
  3. You have already assigned H3 to Widget Titles.

Here is the answer to your query,

To get rid of them, You have to modify your blogger template with Dynamic Headings.

If you still need some suggestions, Just Ping Me Up.


Robin Singh


Make sure you use H1 tag only one time to any webpage. You can overuse H2-H6 as your need. But if you use H1 tag more than one then it will hurt your seo badly and google will penalized you.