Is it legal to republish Articles If we link back to Source?


Hey @Mohammad As we know that Google is strict against copyright policies but I have a question about publishing tech news. For example I see a News on mashable/makeuseof and to publish it on my website i right a description of about 500 words and then a like SOURCE:EXAMPLE.COM/NEWS. Is it legal or illegal


I think it’s illegal if you republish it on your blog without editing it first, except you re-write the article and write the article with your own style.

And dont’ forget adding source link :smile: , well it’s not necessary, but if you want to thank them for the article, then you should adding some link back to the original site :smile:


Lets for argument sake you are doing this but do you think you will ever receive traffic for sharing content which is already published somewhere else?

This is one reason why I emphasize a lot on unique content, out-dated topics and re-sharing of published news never brings long sustaining traffic.

It is surely legal if you are rewriting the entire post in your own words but linking the authority with attribution link to give it due credits but that credit link that you add will tell robots

"Hey all credit goes to this guy, so forget me and go and throw all traffic there instead without wasting time on me! :smile: "

Will you simply waste all your hard work in this way?

Mashable too copied news from techCrunch when pete cashmore was in his initial stage of blogging but soon he realized that he needs to come up with his own stories in order to rank well and that played out for him!


WOW @Mohammad Bro everytime you come with something new :stuck_out_tongue: and it motivates me. Bro I know you’re busy person but can you please visit my blog I have spent hours and hours on writing unique posts and one of my best posts are 101 ways to increase blog traffic and more… Kindly tell me do you think that my blog and rise up and can get approved by BSA, I’m asking this because there’s a person on Facebook and he keeps on saying that sell this blog, its useless, you’ve chosen the wrong domain as compare to your niche and you’ll get nothing out of it. So @Mohammad bro kindly comment about it. Thanks


you are always welcomed buddy. :smile:

For that domain related question kindly open a new topic and avoid asking multiple off-topic questions so that readers may not get confused. Post your topic in the “Hosting” category if it is about domain or in the “Reviews” category if you want suggestions for traffic


@Mohammad, also often think, “if I translate and rewrite MBT tutorial using my language, do I have to give credit to the post page or simply to the homepage?”

then let dofollow links? I think about a lot of posts that I have translated then give link out continuous. This will be good for PageRank? or knocked my blog


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If the link is related to your content, so consider put dofollow link on it.

When Should You Use NoFollow Links

If you are writing great content and linking to relevant websites, the majority of your links are most likely going to be follow. The following are certain times where you should be and/or are required to use nofollow links.

When Linking to Websites You Don’t Trust

When linking to sites that are sketchy, you want to make sure to use the nofollow tag. One thing you don’t want to do is increase the page rank of bad sites. Using nofollow links will protect you and help you to sustain your good reputation with Google.

Now, I want to be clear that it is perfectly okay to use follow links for good sites. Don’t just make your links nofollow simply because you don’t want to share some of your page rank. It’s actually good SEO practice to have external links to multiple sites that produce relevant content.

If you link to fellow bloggers or others who are producing good content, be generous by giving them a follow link. Remember the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


thank you @Mad , it makes me glad to hear it. I will start sharing links only with related sites and use the nofollow tag if the site was not good.

whether you have a case when using nofollow and dofollow link? hope you share that more clearly


I never use dofollow link to other site (even a trusted site like wikipedia, etc :laughing: )


Muhammad, These guys are going to eat your brain :P…


I want to question it at @Mohammad

What if I quote wikipedia article, whether to give nofollow links? although I think wikipedia is very useful


authority sites like wikipedia, google product blogs and forums and all other corporate sites can surely be linked as dofollow and this will increase your credibility in Google’s eyes. Same goes for small sites too if they are related to your niche.

What I mean is that never copy-paste the entire content unless you rewrite it in your words or paste the content inside blockquotes