Is it legal to gather content ideas from different websites and combine them in a single post?


Hi, Guys, Again Muhammad Arslan wants to ask a question here.about copyright acts etc.I wanna start a new blog. I am thinking to be first freelancer , Then I will become a good blogger day by day…So question is"" Can we publish a single new article on our own website by reading 3 articles from different sites and taking main ideas from those 3 articles""???


Hi @RaiMuhammadArsl, I think you should first be a blogger and establish yourself as a brand then you should go for freelancing. By doing this, you will get an opportunity to showcase your expertise to your future clients and demand for higher pay outs.

If you are taking the entire content and pasting it, that will be a violation. But if you are getting inspired from their content and preparing BRAND NEW and FRESH content for your website is acceptable.

The more your read the more ideas you will invent for your content. So keep reading!

Also producing new content will give you an upper hand on search engines.

I hope this helps you.

~ Rohan.

P.S. I have changed the topic title.


I am very thankful to you for this …Again Thanks a lot deAR!


You are most welcome @RaiMuhammadArsl. :smiley: