Is it good to have Lightbox Enabled or Disabled?


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I want to ask that in blogspot blogs is it good to have the Lightbox enabled or disabled I cannot figure out which ones of the both is good to have anyone here ? any expert I mean By SEO @Mohammad Is it a good thing to have it disabled What is the settings that is MBT is using we cannot click on a picture what setting is this?


Still waiting @Mohammad :smiley: About the Lightbox question


Hello @alex_khan First Thanks That You hope we are good! :smile:

Now Lemme Tell You That Light Box is a good trick to engage visitors to force to do something like facebook lightbox. By This Box Your Facebook Page Likes Will Definitely Increase :smile:. This Is Its Advantage. But The Main Disadvantage is that it annoys your visitors every time they open a post/page they see that box also for SEO this is not good.

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I mean the Image Lightbox not the pop up ones. Its the one when u click images…


Ok Sorry i Understood Something Else Well The Image LightBox Is Good For SEO As Well As For Users Because If The want to see a big size image then this feature has to be enabled :smile:


But MBT doesnt has it enabled that is whybi am waiting for Mohammad to reply… :slight_smile: thanks anyway


Hey @Alex_Khan You might have noticed that the light box style was too old. Now every professional template or blog don’t have it enabled. I don’t think that it have any kind of relationship with SEO. You just have to keep your blogs design clean and fast loading.


Its on you totally. Well it add some load over your theme which can result in a long loading time.


According to My Views .It is good to Have Light View Because it keeps user still on your Site. So You can use Light Box…

Users can navigate easing to Post Images without coming back to Your Blog again and again after viewing Image


it depends on what kind of blog you have. i mean why do people click on your image(s) in the first place. i think you need to be in your visitor’s perspective sometimes and try it out yourself, you can also ask for other people’s opinion. if you concern about seo in terms of bounce rate, i dont think lightbox is a major issue, it’s more about your content whether visitors interested in them or not.


@Chelyz_Marx Hi,

I think your anwser is the best one :smiley: can you please review my site and tell weather to have it or not? My blog is based on the nihce of Software and Games download site I think that is why lightbox is important so they can click and see the images ? I am not sure just saying I just need an opinion from you guys so I can be sure which option to choose.


Thank you very much now that is what i call expert advice by center you mean how just adding the center html code above ir or xentwr g+ code /center?


if it is a HTML widget you can wrap it like this <center>your G+ code</center> code,

else you have to edit your template, jump to the widget, under <b:includable> add <center> and </center> above </b:includable>

after that cross your fingers and hope that it works haha.


Guys… You don’t think this topic is going off topic?


Hello @alex_khan, I think I’m answering your query first time on this forum. So let me brief you a little about me. Umm. Oh no you can directly check it out on my profile. Coming on to your query, what I want to tell you is that there are no pros and cons of using Light box in blogger on your blog’s SEO. It don’t improve it but also don’t affect it. So you need not worry about the SEO part.

Then coming on to the page speed. Well it can increase your page size by 0.2 to 0.5 kb but not more than that. So you need not worry about that also. And advantages of using it to improve user experience has been already told to you. Thanks to my other blogger brother for it.

Happy blogging! Stay in touch. Naman Kumar