Is it Essential to Label Adsense Ads with Ads, Advertisement Text?


Hi Dear Bloggers Community, I hope you all are will be good and fine. I am here to ask one question related to AdSense ads placement. Is it important to insert label for AdSense ads? I mean should I text Ads, Advertisement or sponsors text around the adsense ads??? I have seen on mybloggertrick site , they have not inserted any label for adsense ads. Regards, Imran


You mean Title? Right?

If Yes, Then I don’t think so you need to!


There is no need to insert any label to let readers know that it is an advertisement. Labels are inserted only when the AD is inserted inside post content and in some way it mixes up with the content making it difficult to recognize if this is a part of the content or an advertisement. In this case AdSense emphasizes that publishers must add a label or keep a big margin between the content and the AD.