Is Google rank changing every day?


My website which was on 8 position yesterday in google search ranking but today when I check my ranking it show me 11 position on google search engine.

I am using Rank pro tracker to track my website ranking and it show my website ranking on 7position in search engine and is there any website from which I can track my live ranking of website.


Yes, the same happens with my site too. It also depends upon various factors. We have discussed about those in older topics on the forum.


Actually it depends on the backlinks and the bounce rate. If you’ll have a heigher bounce rate, your ranking will be lower(not numerically).


Hi @Yunus_Khan, Yes, you can see shuffling in the SERP Ranking on daily bases. There are some factors thats why these changes happens such as Bounce rate, suddenly traffic increasing and decreasing, your backlink. I will suggest you to track your keyword manually through Google or you can use to check your ranking. Hope it will help you.